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Online Estate Sales

After a move, figuring out what to do with everything that remains can be stressful and challenging.  

An Online Estate Sale can be the perfect solution to finding a new home for things you no longer need.

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The Online Estate Sale Process

Knowing how to find new homes for all the items left behind after a move can be daunting.  With our Online Estate Sales, we offer an option to easily and efficiently disperse everything left. 

The Process:

  • First, we want to ensure the family has identified everything they want to keep. We can help with local delivery or long distance shipping options

  • Next we evaluate high value items, like jewelry or a "Picasso" painting to determine if a traditional Auction Gallery would be a better venue.  With hundreds of thousands of buyers all over the world, we want you to realize the current market value for your item

  • We then evaluate how much is there and if there is enough "volume" to make holding the auction worthwhile.  If not, we suggest a traditional clear out.  Here is a link to that process: Estate Services

  • Moving forward, our team works throughout the house to group similar items into "lots".  Each lot is photographed and a description is included in the catalog which is uploaded using the MaxSold online platform. All items start a $1.00

  • The catalog is open for 7-10 days. At close sales are processed and we manage pick up of items

  • We then take care of everything remaining, leaving the home empty and ready for next steps!

  • Please give us a call to talk more about the details

Why It's a Great Solution:

  • It gets the home cleared out, typically >90% of items are sold

  • It keeps useable items out of landfill

  • Things go to someone who wants them

  • Saves by not paying to get things moved out

  • No one is wandering around the home

  • There is no haggling over price

  • It helps defray the cost of clearing the home

Some of Our Past Sales:

Rochelle Drive

Eugene Street

Kennewick Drive

Please Contact Us to set up a complimentary consultation to learn more about how we can simplify your project!

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