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Consignment vs Charitable Donations

Consignment: This is an option for good quality and marketable furniture in good condition (all determined by the consignment store). Clients can email photos or schedule an in-house appointment if they have many items. Items can be dropped off, or picked up for a fee. Usually they receive 50 percent of the selling price. Because the number of items coming on the market continues to increase, consignment store have become more selective.

Charitable donations: Information is available online about specific charities and what they will accept. For a list of Managing Moves & More’s preferred charitable organizations visit our resources page. There are places to donate just about anything. Be sure to get a receipt for donations. If there is a lot to donate, some charities will pick them up, but it may take a week or two depending on how busy they are. When donating, be assured that someone else will be able to use the things that no longer fit into your life.

Consignment Example

- Item(s) with a current market valuation of $400

- Less 50 percent consignment fee of $200

- Less $75 average transport fee charged by most consignment centers

Total: $125

Donation Example

- Item(s) with a current market valuation of $400

- Assuming 25 percent tax rate

Total: Save $100+ on your income taxes

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